Saturday 29 March 2014


I was just playing with Felix and Izzy and The Elf on the floor when Puppynap said to me come on River do you want to come and help me see if Nadia's woken up yet?

Yes I do!

It's lovely and hot in the garden and Puppynap says it's the perfect weather for Nadia to come out and do you know what when we was in the garden Puppynap suddenly said come on River, come and have a look at this.

What is it?


Puppynap and me brought her in and he gave Nadia to The Elf and said would you hold her while I go get her bath.

Wow Nadia's going to have a bath.

Hello Nadia, I've missed you lots and lots. Do you want to play?

Wow that's a big bath but not big enough for me to get in but I'll try.

I'll just have a little drink while I'm waiting for you to get all clean.

You not done yet?

I got my ears wet but it didn't matter because Nadia's back, even though everyone laughed at me. 

Puppynap then got Nadia something to eat.

We shared lunch, that's what sisters do! Peppers, ummm!

Oh this is the best, Nadia's back to play with me. I just wish Lil' was here too!

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