Saturday 22 March 2014

I Fell Off The Window Ledge

I'm not feeling so tired today, I think it's because I managed to get to sleep on the bed with Daddy and Puppynap all night last night. They've got a new duvet as well and it was very soft and helped me sleep brilliantly.

Daddy is tired out still but Puppynap always gets up early and he brought me down the stairs with me and gave me a lovely play and tooth stick and then said I could play all I wanted, it was the weekend!

It's lovely and sunny out and I wanted to have a look at what was going on to see if any little cats or doggies were coming to play with me and then I saw one who wanted to play with me.

I got very excited and tried to get out to see her and then...

...I fell off the window ledge onto the floor.

I was OK but by the time I got back up on the chair to see her she was gone!


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