Monday, 10 March 2014

Ivy And Then Daisy

Puppynap said come on River, it's time for us to go on that walk! 

Brilliant, we going up the road or down?

Oh down the road. When we got to the bottom near the tunnel we saw a cat that was totally white. I don't think I've ever seen a totally white cat before, it must be lucky!

When we got to the main road I remembered and waited like a good girl...

...but when Puppynap said run I ran as fast as I could, there was a curb on the other side and I LOVE jumping up those!

Then we go to the stream and I knew where we was going.

Just time to stop and have a sniff of the daffydills!

Then we was at Nannies and I helped Puppynap make the flowers all lovely. He was very pleased and said I was an especially good girl today.

But enough's enough and it's time to explore!


And then I smelt some lovely Ivy...

...and then a Daisy!

This was a brilliant walk today Puppynap, where we going next?