Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'll Supervise!

Oh what they doing? Can I join in?

Yeah we're going for a walk!

Oh no we're not going for a walk we're doing the gardening and Daddy and Puppynap need my help!

OK then, let's get going!

You need to do some weeding here!

I'll supervise from up here, you need to make it like the garden next door.

How you doing with that weeding Puppynap?

That's right pull them all up. Let me just check you've not pulled up some daffydills.

I love flowers and daffydills. When are they going to all be coming up?

Come on hurry up, we need to run around the garden now!

Brilliant, you've done very well Daddy at hoovering the grass. Right what's next?


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