Monday 3 February 2014

We Didn't See Any!

Daddy said come on River we are going out to get your tired out!

OK then come on, that works for me. Ready, steady...


 Oh some men are doing things. What's going on? I'm coming for a stroke!

Look men with the van! Look how high I can jump!

Brilliant this is my favourite side of the street, there's so many plants around.

I can get all the doggie news, just by sniffing the plants.

Yes, two doggies have been here. Now where did they go?

CAT! CAT! Puppynap, look a CAT!


Just one doggies been here...

...the other one been here.

Oh these are pretty, I'll sniff them just because they smell nice.

Are we going to go through the tunnel today?

No, I know where we're going. I know the way.

Down the alley. Come on keep up.

Find the garage...

Wait for the cars to go and then... as fast as you can and JUMP!

Yes this is the way, I know the smell.

 And we're nearly there. Just time to find a little place to do toilet break things. Oh yes, and sniff leaves!

Oh there's no daffidills out yet.

Wow the stream is going very fast today, it must be all that rain has filled it up, even this little one.

Right now which way to I go when I get to the little forest?

Straight to the bin!

Quickly, it's this way I know, I can remember. I can see the light!

Yeah we're there I we can play spot the Squirrel in the tree. We didn't see any though!

Cats and Dogs - From The Other Side