Sunday 16 February 2014

Hey There Georgie Girl

It's a beautiful day out, the sun is shining and Daddy said come on River let's get you a tan.

When they said come on down the road I knew where we was going.

Not that way, too many puddles!

Yes this way, come on that little doggie lives up here. 

That doggie isn't in today but I can hear another one. Come on this way!


Look there he is the other side of the fence. I can see his nose. Come here let's rub noses.

Right here we at the big road. I remembered to stop and wait until Daddy said it was OK for us to run as fast as we can.

And jump!!!

Oh the river is very high today.

Brilliant, daffidills.

Let me shove my head right in. Ahhh lovely.

They were lovely Daddy. Come have a sniff.

Oh look, we're nearly there.


And now we go this way.

Hello Nanny, are you having a nice day?

Wow look at that!...

A magic tree!

Puppynap said the little fairies live there. Wow!

Then we went to the little stream, not so little today!

We saw a duck having a little swim.

Phew this is a BIG hill!



Georgie Girl