Tuesday 25 February 2014


I'm still so tired today. I slept all of the night and didn't get up to wake Puppynap and Daddy until it was nearly time for everyone to get up, but I did get my early morning cuddle.

When we came down the stairs I got comfy in my seat, I couldn't even find the energy to do my early morning dance today, all I could do was sleep.

I did sleep nearly all the day away until Puppynap woke me up and come on River get yourself outside to get some sun on your body, that will make you feel better. So I did.

I just about managed to have a little sit down and call out to my friends to see if anyone was around. But they wasn't so I came back indoors really quickly.

Well it helped a bit, but it's helping me more sitting on my seat having a sleep. Nun-night.