Saturday 15 February 2014

A Little Rest

I had chicken for lunch. I don't usually have it until later and when I have it early it makes me go a bit run around bite Puppynaps sleeve for ages kinda mad busy. 

Daddy took me for a walk to run some of my energy off but I still playing with Puppynaps arm for ages when we got back.

And then I got tired and fell asleep on Puppynap.

But I couldn't get comfy as he wiggled about and so I went and had a sleep on my cushion next to Daddy.

And then the door went bong and the girls had come to see me. I was very pleased but still very tired.

And Daddy gave me a gravy bone for being a good girl and giving them some kisses on the top of their heads.

But I was so tired I didn't even have the energy left to eat my gravy bone properly. So I just held it in my mouth for later.

I was whacked out!

But it's rude to fall asleep when people come to see you so I did my best to sty awake and help my rugby ball in my mouth while I had a little rest.

But that was too tiring and so I jumped and had a little rest on Puppynap but he still was wiggling.

So I ended up getting to sleep on my blanket on the sofa all on my own when the girls went. Thanks for coming to see me, night, night x