Saturday 1 February 2014

Those Squirrels Are Such A Tease

I think it's going to be a brilliant day! Puppynap just brought me down and the sun is shining everywhere. I love it when the sun shines as it means I can go out and play. 

When I went into the window to have a look out Love Heart was out there, I think she wants to play and...

...I ran out into the garden after I got my morning treat to see if she was there waiting but she wasn't.

But the sun is making all the little animals and things coming out to play. I tried to find the Squirrels to say hello but they weren't around but I think they are playing hide and seek with me as I could hear noises up there even if I couldn't see who was making them. Those Squirrels are such a tease.

Erghhh Puppynap come and help me find them!

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