Saturday 1 February 2014

Don't Move It

It's Saturday night and Saturday night means play with River all evening night.

Great Daddy is on the floor and ready for fun, I'm gonna get his hand.

Get ready here I come!

No that's not fair, don't move it

And then the door bell rang ding dong and it was the girl and the boy come to play with me. The girl sat down on my blanket, I can't be having that. Puppynap says if you pull it quick enough you can get it out from under her without her even moving.

That didn't work though so I decided to go over to the boy so he could play tickle my face with me.

Come on, come play tickle my face with me. PLEEEAAASSSSE.

Oh no an upside down tickle my face.

That cheered me up, Lil' would have loved tonight. Even though I had lots of fun I do miss her.

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