Monday 17 February 2014

Today Out Of That Garden - It's Been Confirmed, I'm A Runner

I just had the best adventure. 

We finished playing in the back garden and Puppynap said I was such a good girl that he would let me come out into the front garden with him.

Wow I've never done that before. 

Puppynap put my brace and lead on me and then took me out the front and tied me up. I could go over the grass but it wasn't letting me go as far as I wanted so I pulled and pulled and pulled myself right out of my brace and I was OFF!

Puppynap saw me straight away and called my name, but I didn't mind and started to run across the lady next doors garden. Brilliant Puppynap is playing chase with me and calling my name. 

Come on this way!

He caught up with me once I;d crossed the road and was half way down the hill to the bottom of the road. He was very pleased to cuddle me up I could hear his heart dancing.

But now it's a bit rubbish he's put me back indoors and says I've never allowed to do that again. He said it's been confirmed, I'm a runner!


*March, march, march on the spot!*