Sunday 13 October 2013

Wow, Was It Alive?

I was just having a sleep on Puppynap when Daddy said look who's out the window come to see you.

It was the Elf and the Husband Elf. The Elf's here Daddy, the Elf's here!

When they came in I got great  big hugs and I was so excited I jumped around in circles.

Then the Elf gave me a present and said it was for my birthday. When Daddy opened it he took out a little furry dog thing and then all of a sudden it jumped up and barked at me. Wow was it alive?

I wasn't too sure of it and every time I went near it jumped up and barked at me so I ran and jumped up safe between Daddy and the Elf and then Lil' came down to make sure I was OK. I was it just surprised me, I'm going to tell Lil' all about it later on.

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