Wednesday 30 October 2013

My Supermarket

Puppynap came down and said he had a special treat for me, we were going to go to my supermarket.

I was very sleepy but when I heard that I jumped up right away. Come on then let's go!

I love going in the car, it's one of my bestest favourite things. Come on what you waiting for?

When we got there I didn't have to go to see the Doctor but Puppynap weighed me. I was 6.8 and then a little girl said she loved me and gave me lots of strokes twice. I love it here there's so many smells and other doggies to say hello to. I met a great big lovely dog and then Puppynap said hello to another lady who had a tiny, tiny dog just like me called Boo all wrapped up in her arms. Puppynap said Boo was the same sort of doggie as me and that I looked just like him when I was little but that's can't be true because I'm a girl and Boo is a boy.

Then I went running all around the supermarket but the floor here is very slippy and I couldn't run as fast as I wanted to cause I kept on slipping. Then I smelt something and went on an investigation.

I found it, some doggies wee!

Puppynap then got some Dreamies for Lil' and said that I had a present too but that I had to have it when it was dark time. Come on let's get home it might be dark time when we get there.