Wednesday 2 October 2013

A Trip To The Enchanted Forest

Puppynap said come on River I'm taking you on an adventure a trip to the Enchanted Forest. 


Come on let's go!

When we got there I could see a castle and then Puppynap said I could go wherever I wanted. 

I wanted to go over here

Wow what is it?

Ah it's a big stone lion, Puppynap said he must be called Aslan. Wow.

And then Puppynap said come on River we're now going to go to the enchanted forest.

This must be where the woodcutter lives.

And then we went deeper and deeper into the forest.

So far that I thought that we got a bit lost...

...but it was OK we came out the other end and there was fields everywhere.

After a minute I made two new friends, Rosie and another dog just like me but he was a boy and called Blue, we sniffed each other for a long time but we had to go when Rosie the big one wouldn't stop sniffing my bottom.

I wanted to go after them but then Puppynap said I could choose a stick to take home. 

I think I'll have this one.

That was brilliant, when we coming here again?