Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Office - It's A Miracle

After everything this morning I was very tired and when Puppynap went upstairs I played with my teddy for a bit and then went and had a sleep on my chair all cuddled up nice and warm.

And then when I opened my eyes he was there looking at me and said come on River as it's your birthday you can come upstairs with me in the office. I'm never allowed in the office during the day, I'm not really allowed at night but I go in anyway.

When I went in Lil' was in there waiting for me and she didn't run away or anything, Puppynap said it's a miracle because we just looked at each other and she didn't hiss or anything, in fact she put her nose closer to me before she jumped up on the window ledge thing.

This birthday thing is BRILLIANT, I wish it was everyday.

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