Wednesday 2 October 2013

It's My Birthday & I'm One Today

Daddy and Puppynap woke me up really early today and said that the very. very special day had come. 

It's my birthday & I'm one today so come on River get up it's time to spoil you. 

BRILLIANT, although I am still a bit sleepy.

I went downstairs with Daddy and he took me out while it was still dark and then all the rain came down and got me soaking wet. When we got home I had my favourite for breakfast, egg. Puppynap hadn't cooked it enough though and when Daddy cut it open it went all down his trousers, but it's all OK there was still lots of it for me to eat and I was allowed to pull it all over the carpet without being told to clean it up. I like this birthday day.

Lil' was watching me, I think she wanted some egg and she said Happy Birthday to me.

And then it was time for presents. I got a teddy bear and a tortoise to play with for when Nadia isn't around...

...and a new big pink ball to play with!

Then Puppynap said I must put on my party hat as today is going to be one big party. I love my birthday and I am really am a very big girl now that I'm one.