Sunday, 20 October 2013


It was an amazing night. First of all the boy and the girl came around and the boy played with me loads. He likes tickling his fingers around my face and sometimes he tickles my teeth. 

Then another lady came the one who sometimes has Twevor with her but she didn't have him this time he was playing with his cousin who he lives with now she lives in a far away land.

Then... I got to sleep on the bed ALL NIGHT. Daddy brought me upstairs and I could her Puppynap and that lady talking and I wanted them to come up to bed so I called to them from the top of the stairs but they didn't come up and then Daddy came and got me and said cuddle in. And I did, ALL NIGHT!

I think Lil' liked it because she came and said so to me this morning, I'm getting better and understanding what she's saying now I'm 1.

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