Wednesday 2 October 2013

It Was A Special One

I was just playing with my teddy bear when Puppynap said come on River grab your hat we're going to get your Daddy.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, quick, quick

I put on a red party hat so he could see me in the dark. When he got in the car he was very happy to see me and I was very happy to see him to. Daddy opened the window and all the way home I hung out the window so I could get birthday wind in my hair and so people could see my hat and see it was my birthday today. 

My hat stayed on all the way home even though it was very windy.

Then Daddy said it was time for my birthday tea. 

It was a special one, I had chicken and potato and sweetcorn AND carrot all together. Ummm

After tea time Daddy said he had another present for me and gave me a brand new bone. I ate it for hours and hours. I love bones sooooooo much.

When I was finished Daddy then gave me a great big brush and when he was done and I was all fluffy he gave me some more treats for being such a good girl on my birthday.

It's been the bestest day in the world ever, I love having a birthday I hope I have another one soon!