Saturday 23 February 2013

What A Day It Turned Out To Be

What a day it's turned out to be.

When I got up with Puppinapper it was snowing everywhere. I sat in the window looking at it for ages. I didn't fancy going out in it as I was day dreaming and very sleepy.

After I woke up daddy spent a long time playing with me and Felix. Oh I didn't tell you what happened. You know my toy cat, well it can now laugh! Puppinanapper turned on a button thing in his tummy and when you walk near it rolls around laughing.

It was fascinating and drove me a bit mad.

Just as I thought it was time for a sleep again Daddy put my Freddie Kruger jacket on and we went in the car to go and see the girls. We played Slidey River of course when we got there.

When I got really tired I had a little rest between some girls it was lovely and warm and they let me walk all over both of them playing climbey mountain. It was brilliant but I'm glad to be back home now as I was hungry and I missed Lil'

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