Wednesday 6 February 2013

Their Numbers

Puppinanapper says education week is going very well.

Today's lesson. Their numbers.

Each day I hear daddy and Puppinanapper talking in the car when we go fetch. Talking about numbers.

Give me a number each day and this is what they mean.

7 - Means things are going not brilliant.
Overall, I'm told, a little disappointing.  This means there's been a selection of things gone wrong. Chaos for a while, that sort of thing.

8 - Means things are going good.
Maybe some naughty behaviour has happened but nothing too bad. Maybe a bit of barking when Puppinanapper is working or an outside thing happened inside.

8.5 - Means very good.
My average. Means I've been very good, not really done anything. Maybe one wee indoors or a bit of a chew of a shoe lace. If an outside thing was done inside Puppinanapper takes the blame for not moving quick enough so not my fault so doesn't count.

9 - I get this a lot to. Means BRILLIANT

9.5 - Means BRILLIANT with a STAR and I was extra cute or learned something amazing.

10 - Near on unachievable I'm told. We'll see about that. I don't even think he knows what I've got to do to get a 10. Maybe the can can on my own.

I don't know what 1 - 6 mean.
I've never had one and it scares me a bit to see what I must do to get one of those. I think I might see one day though.

It's tiring, all this learning.