Sunday 10 February 2013

The Battle Of The Twig

The battle of the twig was a mighty battle!

I saw some outside as I was playing. I tried really hard to decide which was my favourite one to being indoors.

After a little while I made my mind up and came to the back door.

The I saw a problem. The twig was bigger than the hole AND I had to get myself through it too!

I didn't know what to do so I whimpered a little bit to see if that gave me a solution. It didn't.

I then squeezed my head through and I saw Pupppinanapper on the other side looking at me. That gave me energy to push through really hard and I came through the other side with the twig in my mouth popping forward after me.

I wanted to take it to my play bed but as I passed Puppinanapper he tricked it from my mouth and put it on the side where I can't reach yet.


I'm going to sit on Daddy now he's down to work out what to do next.