Tuesday 19 February 2013

Then The Best Bit Happened

Puppinanapper took me for a walk this afternoon to go see nanny. I like our walks up there it's not too near and not too far for me to get really tired out.

I know the way now and so led the way by taking my lead in my mouth and running ahead most of the way.

Puppinanapper tested me on my words and number again. We did the No word quite a few times and he said I understood it about 8 out of 10 times. I know that's a good number so I felt really proud of myself.

I'm also so good at the Quickly word when we cross the road that he let me cross the big main road all by myself this time.

By the time that we got to the stream I was whacked as I'd run so much of it that I had a little drink in the stream. The water was very cold but it made me feel a lot better.

After all that I was feeling a bit hungry even though I had had my dinner and found some bread and started to have a feed. I know I'm not really allowed to have that as it can make me ill and Puppinanapper and I had a little tussle over it before he got it from my mouth.

I then learnt about daffydills as there was some by the little stream. Puppinanapper says that come up in Spring. I think he got that bit wrong I'm sure he meant they spring up as they wasn't there when we were here last time but I'll give him that one he can't know everything.

Then the best bit happened when we got to where nanny is I saw some Squirrels. I've seen some that live at the bottom of the garden before but never this close up. I ran after them, boy can they run fast and they are very good at climbing tree's. I'm going to learn how to climb so I can go up after them next time.