Saturday 23 February 2013

The Elves Brought Me A Present

The Elves came over tonight to see me and brought me presents.

First of all the lady Elf came and let me play with her handbag and let me bite her fingers. They were very tasty and she loved it a lot. I know because she laughed a lot.
Then we all went and picked up daddy and the husband Elf from the station. I got to sit in a different car on Puppinanappers lap and he held me up so I could see out of the window all the way there.
When we got home everyone had tea and then it was time for presents. The Elves gave me a squeaky bone and teddy who I shall call Felix.

After that I got to play with the husband Elf and we played climb the mountain of the head. He loved it because he let me lick his chin. By accident I licked his tooth but I think he liked it because the lady Elf laughed a lot.

 Lil' came down for a bit and they gave her some treats which she ate on the table. I think she was a bit sleepy as she didn't want to play with us all.

I love it when the Elves come there's always lots of laughter.

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