Friday 15 February 2013

I've Got A Hammock

We went to see a girl this afternoon. Daddy is off work and Puppinanapper and me and daddy all went over to see her.

She's not very well and needed me to go and cheer her up and give her some presents that came through the post to make Phoebe and Flo stopping weeing her chair.

We sat and watched TV. That's what you do when you are not very well. We watched some people shouting at each other and another man in a suit shouting at them and pointing at them with his finger.

Then I had a play with Phoebe. She wasn't too happy today, probably because she can't wee were she wants anymore.

I then got a go in their hammock. It was great, it was warm and comfy. I liked it so much they gave it to me. Brilliant.