Tuesday 5 February 2013

My Words

I'm learning my words today.

Puppinanapper took me on a long walk and he said that today's lesson was a words test.

OK, let's go!

The first word was Leave. This means you can't play with that. I sometimes get this a bit mixed up with Leaf which means you can play with that.

We practised this one as we walked down the road. We also did Quickly which means run across the road as fast as you can. I do. I've got this one down pat.

At the bottom of the road there was a great big tunnel. On the other side was a big truck with flashing orange lights. Wow.

We went through the tunnel and right up close to the orange lights of the truck. The man stopped driving to let us go by. I waved he waved.

When we got to the other side I found some paper and tried to eat it. That's when we practised NO! This is a more urgent Leave.

We then did Come On which means he wants me to run and catch up with him. I hear it but don't always take notice. There's lots out here and sometimes you just gotta give me some time.

Go On is like Come On but this means that I am now in front and can run as fast as I can if I like.

I often like.

I then tried to break into a prison.

Just after that Puppinanapper told me we were entering a very special place and I needed to be very quiet.

Wow. What is it?

It was Rabbit Forest the place where the rabbits live. Wow

Just the other side of Rabbit Forest was a really old and ancient and mystical thing.

I needed a drink after all that excitement and found a little pond. We practised the NO! word again.

We then went OVER a motorway. OVER one!

I've been on a motorway before in the car. There was so many cars and noise.

We did the Sit word. That's my best and easiest one I do that all the time instantly nearly. With that one you get either a treat or a stroke. Always lots of Good Girl though which means I have been good and can probably carry on doing whatever I am. If it's a quiet Good Girl it means the same but calm down a bit.

On the other side I found something sticky on the path and we did the NO! word again. There was a little tugging and negotiating until I moved on. Well until I was picked up and carried away.

The stuff I found made me go maaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddd and I ran all the way back home leading the way.

When we got back I didn't want to go in so barked at the cat. I passed my test as I got a bone treat when I got in. I didn't even have to do CAN CAN where they make me kick my legs up in the air.

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side