Monday 26 December 2016

Today Is Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day and so it's still Christmas and I have a breakfast of turkey.

As much of it as I can eat. I have missed meat. 

And I wonder if I'll have any for dinner today?

Now I've had some again I'm even dreaming of it.

And longing for it.

I think I can smell some new meat being cooked up now. My smell is very strong.


I've been told I must sit and wait for a dinner surprise.

But I couldn't resist looking up on the table to see if there was any up there. I'm not allowed in the kitchen.

But I keep on sneaking in because I can definitely smell...

...beef and I'm getting a huge bowl full! 

After dinner I joined everyone up at the table to talk about the beef and to see if there was any tip-bit left for me. 

There wasn't but there was my jumper all set out and that could only mean one thing.

We were going out to look at the lights.

Before we came back in and I begged for some beef. AND I got some!