Sunday 11 December 2016

The Christmas Tree

Daddy and Puppynap went out but they said I didn't need to worry they wouldn't be long and when they came back they had a big surprise for me.


It's the Christmas Tree all dressed up in a funny stocking.

But it was OK they took it off and all the branches flopped down.

It made me laugh.

Puppynap asked if I could help him in sorting out all the decorations.

Not likely I know what happens when the Christmas Tree goes up, I have trouble getting on and off the window ledge.

In the end I did come down to help supervise though.

I knew it would happen, as soon as it was in place I got up on the window ledge to see if I could get back down again.

I couldn't for ages.

Daddy kept on saying I could do it though, all I needed to do was stop whinging and walk backwards.

It's a very tricky movement, I have the same problem every year.

But I guess it's worth it, it is beautiful when the night comes in and all the lights are sparkly and pretty. Not long to go now until I get my Christmas presents and this year Puppynap says I'm going to be getting something very special.