Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Quicker I Go To Sleep, The Faster Father Christmas Will Come

Puppynap told me I should prepare myself for some surprise visitors so I was ready when I heard a beep, beep.

I was straight in the window to see.

It was The Elf and The Husband Elf, they had come for Christmas.

We got ready for a walk, Daddy and me, everyone else was staying indoors to keep it warm for me.

We went around the way to look at the Christmas lights everyone had up. I got so excited I rolled all around on my back...

...and the looked at all the presents under the tree for me.

Even David came for a look. I could tell he was really excited too.

All the excitement tired me out so I went to sleep on granddad.

Until the my friend the girl came and then I snuggled up her to to have a sleep. The quicker I go to sleep, the faster Father Christmas will come.

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