Friday, 9 December 2016

I Am Feeling A Little Down - To Cheer Me Up

I've had to have my cone put back on, Puppynap caught me over-licking my tail this morning and doing lots of scratching. I don't mind the cone being on, I quite like it but I am feeling a little down with all the scratching and itching and not being able to eat what I want.

It was a lovely surprise when Puppynap said we were going to go out to cheer me up, and maybe see if we can find some natural Christmas decorations. He doesn't give up, I'll give him that.

Today we are going up the road and...

...I'm allowed to sniff anything I like if he cheers me up. Even lamp posts which I'm not usually allowed to spend much time on.

Leaves, yes leaves always cheer me up.

Yes looking at cars over the motorway helps. Then a little scared doggie called Fred came along and Puppynap and his mummy spoke for ages. That cheered me up lots although he was too scared to come too close. He was 11 but when he was a little boy a big dog jumped om him and he's been scared ever since. Poor little dogie, he didn't need to be scared of me but he still was.

Feeling much better I thought I had found the perfect Christmas Tree.

But it was too small.

Then I found another one but it was too big and too dead.

We then went into the wood right by where all the rabbits live to search for one just about the right size but we didn't find one.

We didn't find any rabbits either although I could smell then. Where on earth have they all gone? 

Oh well I guess we better keep on looking.