Saturday 17 December 2016

They're Bigger Than My Head

I was waiting all morning for Daddy to come home but the I had a big surprise... wasn't just Daddy who came in but Puppynaps oldest friend D. I was so surprised they didn't tell me she was coming for a visit.

I didn't realise before how large her hands are, they're bigger than my head.

We all sat and had a good old talk and then Daddy said it was time for us to go out for a nice long Winter walk. It was very foggy out and we walked for a long time.

And by the time we got to where we was going it was dark...

...and we had to wait for the train to go by.

When it had passed we walked for a bit more, over a very old bridge.

There was lots and lots of things to play in on the bridge...

...but we couldn't stop too long we had a pub to go to. The pub by the river. I was allowed to explore everywhere I wanted to outside. I was even allowed to have a sleep on the table.

Before I cuddled up on Puppynap. I was so tired and wanted to be carried home but I had to walk, although because everyone by then was very hungry we almost ran home.

Which just made me even more tired out.