Friday, 31 October 2014

My Halloween Surprise - A Witches Cat

Daddy came home early today. 

Brilliant, is it time for my Halloween surprise, I've been a good girl waiting ALL DAY!

Yes it was, it was time for my Halloween surprise, we all got in the car and then we hit what Puppynap called the national disgrace, traffic jams for miles by the Dartford Tunnel.

I got bored and fell asleep.

And then we got to a house and we went in and I could hardly believe it, there was a little cat in there and Daddy and Puppynap said he was coming home to live with us.

I was so excited and we rubbed noses and made bestest friends and I couldn't wait until we got home to play with him. He must be a very special cat as he had his own special travelling carriage.

Come on hurry up Daddy and let the little cat out so we can play.

Puppynap took the lid off and the little cat looked at me.

I went to rub noses again but I think he got things a little bit wrong and went to kiss me. 

OK then, I'll kiss you.

Puppynap said he was called David-Shiro and we must let him explore and get used to the smells and things in the house.

Don't worry, I'll show him around and make him feel comfortable. Daddy said I was being very kind, of course, I'm always kind.

Wow I've got my own little cat now, he's different from Lil', ah I still miss Lil' but Puppynap said as David-Shiro came to live with us on Halloween night that he must be a witches cat.

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