Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Think I Jumped A Bit Too High

I was just having a little sit on Puppynap when I heard a beep, beep but I knew it wasn't Daddy as he was sitting down with us.

Hello, who's come to see me?

Oh my goodness IZZY! It's IZZY!

Hello Elf and Izzy's mummy.

This is brilliant, Izzy is here and The Elf is calling me...

...we've got presents IZZY. PRESENTS!

Oow what is it?

Do you know what it is Izzy?

It was a ball and a foxy toy and a pulling thing and some lovely sweety bones.

Umm they are lovely.

Come on they've left the packet out here.

If we're quiet Izzy we could get some more of those bone sweeties out of the packet.

We had three and then we went out to play piggyback.

I think I jumped a bit to high onto Izzy's back though as I went right over.

Oh Izzy it's so lovely to see you let me cuddle you.

Come on Izzy's mummy you can join in.

Don't worry Izzy it will be your turn soon.

After we'd finished playing piggyback we came in as I wanted to show Izzy things out of the window.

Oi Izzy can you see the cat, there's lots of them around here?

I've had the best day, can you stay here with me all of the time?