Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blimey It Is Windy Out Here Today

Puppynap! PUPPYNAP! I'm bored and it looks like it's fun out there today. Can we go out to play in the wind please?

Brilliant, it worked, we're going out. Come on don't waste time walking around the sofa, just go over it like me.

Right, which way shall we go today. I know, down the road.

Blimey it is windy out here today.

This is amazing, the wind has made all the leaves come off the trees, especially for me to play in.

Wow, all the trees are changing colour as well...

...I'm going exploring!

*Sniff, sniff* 

Um other doggies have been playing in the leaves, I can tell.

Come on this way...

...I can see a great big park to play in and there might be some friends there for me to play with.

Phew lot's of hills around here.

Yeah, I was right, now where's some friends to play with?

There's some, birdie friends. Come on lets play chase.

Ooh the motorway and the best bit...

...the wind whips everywhere. BRILLIANT!