Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Real Enchanted Forest

I was just having a little rest, after yesterdays play date with Izzy I was tired and then Daddy and Puppynap said come on River we're going to take you out, to a real enchanted forest.

Brilliant, come on let's go!

It wasn't very long in the car and then we was there. I was allowed to have my head out the window the whole way. They was telling me the truth, it really is an enchanted forest...

...come on Daddy, this way.

Wow there's tree's everywhere and leaves, this is almost too much to believe.

Tree's are funny you know, there's so many different kinds and some even smell of doggies!

But then we ended up getting caught in a great big pile of mud and I got stuck.

Phew I didn't think I was ever going to get out of that one, but I'm a big girl now so I used all my strength and managed to free myself, even though there is mud all over my feet now.

Daddy is's so beautiful here, it must be a place of great magic.

Then we saw a map and it told us all about this forest. It's a very, very old one, there's a pathway here that even goes back to prehistoric times.

And we went searching for it.

Right, which way do you think it is?

Right, it's this way.

We found the prehistoric path and a swing that Puppynap and Daddy had a go on, I didn't want to go on that...

...I wanted to go up this stairway made of tree roots.

But after a while I decided it was easier to go up the leave pathway next to it, it was such a big hill and...

...really tired me out so I was glad when we found this big log to sit on.

This is such a magical enchanted forest, I hope we can come here again, I had such a lot of fun.