Thursday, 2 October 2014

Birthday Surprises

Finally Puppynap finished his work and we went down the stairs, I thought we were going to play in the back garden but then he said come on River we're going out for your birthday afternoon treats.


Where we going? What we doing?

We was in the car only for a few minutes and then we stopped and we got out and then I realised where we were.

My doggies shop. I love it here. Come on so many smells and other little doggies to play with.

The Puppynap said as it was my birthday and I was a big girl I could choose whatever presents I wanted.

Oh I just can't make up my mind. You choose and surprise me!

Puppynap got me some surprises and when we was paying the lady at the desk said I was a pretty girl and gave me some treats from a special bowl she had. She must have known it was my birthday today. When we got in the car I thought we was going home but then Puppynap said no we wasn't going home we was going to a special magical place to play that he thought I would enjoy.

Oh he knows me so well, we went to a place with lots and lots of leaves. LEAVES MY FAVOURITE. Don't be jealous!

After a little while of playing in the leaves Puppynap said come on River we're going to go into the magical forest and look for squirrels.

Oh this day just keeps on getting better and better.

We went deep into the forest and I was allowed to go wherever I wanted.

And then we came across a wizards house but it scared me a little bit and I wouldn't go in and then...

...a little squirrel came out to say happy birthday to me.

Hello little squirrel, let's play chase!

But we got a little bit lost in the forest and then came across a witches house deep in and then we both ran away in case the witch came to get us.

But she set a trap of all these prickly things all over the floor.

Ouch, awww!

Phew we escaped from the forest. it was so much fun but by that time I was ready... come home and play with my new purple ball and eat the special shoes that Puppynap brought me. I'm having such a good day but I can't wait for my Daddy to come home and be with me.