Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm Free!

Today was amazing because when I got up Daddy was still at home, he said he was staying home especially to spend some extra special time with me.


We're going out in the car. Where we going?

Wow a car park full of leaves, what a great place to take me to, Daddy knows how much I love leaves.

But we wasn't finished yet, we then went through a gap in the trees to a park. Right, which was are we going to go?

We went left and there was a great big tree and a little Squirrel was there ready waiting to say hello. Can you see him?

Then Daddy said as this was a special park I was allowed a special treat...

...I could run around as much as I wanted without being on my lead. Oh Daddy this is just fabulous, I'm free!

...thank you so much Daddy I'm loving my extra special treat.

We ran through some fields and I was allowed to go wherever I wanted but I didn't go too far away, I kept checking that Daddy and Puppynap were right behind me and then we came across a place where Daddy said horses drink.

I was so pleased as I was feeling a bit thirsty and had a little paddle to cool off my feet.

We then walked through a magic forest but in this one there was no witches but it was beautiful.

That was great Daddy but I've got a feeling we're not finished yet. Let's go through this gate and see where it takes us.

This way, up by the stream. 

Where the stream finished there was a great big lake and some ducks waiting to say hello.

Umm shall I go in and have a little swim with them?

They are so beautiful.

Ducks, DUCKS! Don't go away.

They swam away up the lake, they wanted me to follow them so I did.

And I'm go glad they did because they took us to where the Swans lived. 

Daddy put my lead on me then as he said just in case I wanted to play with the Swans. I didn't mind as I was tired by that time and I'd had such a brilliant time.