Thursday 26 December 2013

This Is What You Do On Boxing Day

I remember what you do on the Boxing Day, you look at all your presents again.

And chase Lil' all around the house

And then play with your presents all over again. Sometimes though you have to let Daddy and Puppynap know what they want to play with.

Daddy got my clothey thing and made me jump up and down to catch it.

When I was patient and very still good girl I got a treat!

And then it was time to burn off the chicken I had for lunch. 

Yes I had the chicken!

I'm coming to getcha clothey thing.

Eventually I caught it...

Phew it's tiring out all this playing with your toys on Boxing Day but that is what you do.

I didn't want to go to sleep and miss anything but in the end I was just too tired and cuddled up with Felix...

But Puppynap saw me and lifted me up and tucked me in on my bed on my chair. I wonder what happens the day after Boxing Day, this Christmas thing is just so much fun!