Sunday 8 December 2013

That's An Unexpected Surprise!

I was so excited some girls came to see me and I didn't know, Puppynap says that's an unexpected surprise for me. I love seeing the girls I always jump up and get lots of strokes and things.

 Later on when they were all talking I heard a noise outside and Love Heart had come to play.

 I think she wanted to play chase as she ran off when I went out there. Lil' wanted to play because she came out with me and chased her over the fence when I couldn't reach her. We make a great team.

Daddy then called me in for dinner. I had the chicken, it was delicious!

 After dinner Lil' and me had a chat but I don't know what she said I was looking at her whiskers twitch.

I'm very tired now it's been a brilliant day.

I'm even to tired to carry on playing chase with Lil' even though she's hanging around wanting to play.