Saturday 28 December 2013

I Got Stuck Under The Sofa - Mr Slocombe

Today Daddy and Puppynap said come on River, we're going to go and visit your friends. Wow who are we going to see because Daddy says I've got lots of friends. We went in the car and after I stuck my head out of the window for a little bit I got tired and fell asleep and when I woke up we was there.

Brilliant we're at WHS, but I don't know where the man who wears the jeggings was, although there was some other people that there instead. One was the lady who I met before when we came to London K and a man who held her hand and another lady L and a man who called me Mrs Slocombe. I think he was a bit confused I'm not called Mrs Slocombe.

I got so excited that I ran all the way under the sofa and then got stuck so Daddy had to come and push me back out.

I didn't like getting stuck under the sofa and it even happened the second time I did it. Humph!

Then I cuddled up to Mr Slocombe, I think I worked it out, he wasn't calling me Mrs Slocombe he was saying hello Mrs I'm Mr Solcombe. He didn't know where to put his arm and I could tell that he wanted to give me a cuddle...

...but he was a little bit shy, Puppynap said he didn't want to get fresh with me so I took control and just jumped all over him. Mr Slocombe loved it and threw his hands in the air with joy.

WHS then got a turn to give me a cuddle after I had sorted out Mr Solcombe. She smells lovely and always gives me lots of kisses on my face. 

I gave her some back too.