Friday 20 December 2013

He Says Naughty, I Say Clever

Puppynap said I've been a naughty girl but I think I've been very clever.

Daddy and Puppynap went out and when he came back in he gave me a treat but I was still feeling hungry so I ate up all my breakfast. Then I felt all excited and chased Lil' around the room and when she went out the door I followed her into the garden.

Puppynap then opened the door and tricked me by pretending he had another treat in his hand and I came running in. He then put a cushion in the door so I couldn't get out and went up the stairs. I wanted to chase Lil' though and pulled the cushion out with my teeth and went back into the garden. I couldn't see Lil' but I did see another cat and chased him as well barking out come to play. 

Puppynap came back down and opened the door but I wasn't going to fall for that trick again and carried on. In the end he came out to play and chased me all the way around the garden. It was so much fun running around in the dark, the grass was all crispy and Puppynap fell over but he didn't hurt himself.

When he caught me he brought me up the stairs with him early and got in the bath. It was OK though, Lil' came up to see me and we had a little chat. I don't know why he said I was being a naughty girl I think I
 was very clever working out how to pull the cushion out the door! 

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