Tuesday 24 December 2013

My Christmas Eve

Today s called Christmas Eve, Daddy told me when I woke up very early. I was so excited I went outside in the rain and rolled around in the grass. Yippee it's Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Even you must sit and look at the Christmas tree lights. I did this with Lil' this year.

And then all of a sudden I heard the doorbell go ding ding and then I smelt someone I know and knew who it was...

It was The Elf/ The Elf, THE ELF IS HERE!

*Jump up and down and round and round in circles in excitement*

Oh she's brought presents with her. What's in the box? What's in the box? Hurry Up Daddy!

Brilliant, it's paper and I'm allowed it.

That's that shreeded. Right what's next?

Lil came to have a look at my artwork and say hello to the Husband Elf.

I will say hello in a minute, The Elf's just got me a treat for being such a creative girl.

Right now that's done, hello Husband Elf, you've got some interesting papers there, let me take care of them for you.

Lil', LIL'! Look, LIL'!

Then I played with The Elf again and she played tug o' war with me.

Ohh. Don't go yet!

Then when they went I played fight the daddies sock game.

I won!

Daddy and Puppynap said that if I go to sleep, Santa Paws will come and see me even quicker, maybe even make me the first little doggies that he comes to visit tonight. I'm going to close my eyes, very, very tightly.

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