Sunday 8 December 2013

All Pretty For Christmas

Come on River, Daddy called out, It's time.

TIME!, Time for what?

Ah Spa Day! You must always brush, everywhere, even under the ears, to get the tangles out. Daddy does it good.

You must EVEN do under your chin!

Then I got on the table and Puppynap started snippy things and Daddy tired to get me to eat treats to stay still. I didn't care until he got Chicken bits out, then I was very still, apart from when I was chewing of course. Um Chicken!

Then it's drown Rat time. I just want this bit to be over with as quickly as possible and if they don't move fast enough I get out, although today Puppynap said I was very good for holding onto his hands so tightly while Daddy washed me down.

Come on Daddy, what we waiting for I want to go down the stairs now I know what happens at the end!

*March, march, march, march, march*

OK now it's time for Daddy to spray flowers things on me and comb like mad.

But I can dry myself the best now! What you do is go into the middle of the room and shake yourself really fast and make lovely water patterns.

All pretty for Christmas now and a treat is on it;s way right into my mouth. YUM!