Saturday, 9 November 2013

Then There Was A Knock At The Door

I was just playing with Felix and Daddy when...

...there was a knock at the door. It was the Elf, THE ELF.

I love you Elf, Love you. 

What you got in the bag, what is it?

Wow it was birthday presents for me, a new coat and...

A squeaky doughnut and a ball that Daddy said was very good for my teeth and gums. I've got good teeth and gums Daddy says so it was a good present for me. 

When I was playing with my ball Puppynap put the Elf's hat on my head, it was too big and I couldn't see.

Then it was time for tea. I had fish and three chips. I love chips!

The Elf had a pie and I tried to have a taste but Daddy said I wasn't allowed but I didn't care it smelt lovely.

That was a brilliant day with the Elf and after all that playing I was so tired I fell asleep with Felix who must have been tired out as well.

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