Wednesday 13 November 2013

Swan Lake

Today has been amazing, first of all Daddy was home and he isn't usually here on this day and then Puppynap said that he was going to take me to a place that I've never been before.

I had to dress up really warm and then we all got in the car and then after a little bit Daddy got out and went into a building and then it was just Puppynap and me. 

We went down this road and there was all Rainbow Trees everywhere.

Then we got out the car and there was leaves, yes leaves EVERYWHERE. I explored them with my new friend another doggie while Puppynap talked to the lady for ages and ages. In the end I had to let him know I wanted to go exploring - erghhhhh.

Come on then what we been waiting for let's go!

Oh what's that down here? Come on keep up!

I didn't really like going down the steps though, they were a bit slippy.

But I was brave girl and once I got started I was really good at going down them, especially cause I could see something amazing right down the bottom.

A great big Swan who came over to say hello to me, we're at Swan Lake!

Puppynap said we'd better go though because he started flapping his wings and Puppynap said he didn't want me to be all eaten up. No thank you I don't think I want that to happen, AND I can see a mysterious house up there to explore.

This is a mysterious land there's trees here that grow gloves. Yes GLOVE TREES, who'd have ever imagined that would be possible?

I wonder what else there is here in this strange land? Come on let's find out!

Umm nothing out of the ordinary here.

 Oh a waterfall...

Puppynap said we were nearly at the other side of Swan Lake, it really is very big and beautiful.

Quick, quick, I can see something even more amazing up ahead.

Great big Swans that you can sit in. This is a truly magical land, wow I can see why it's called Swan Lake!

After that we then went looking for Moles. They live in holes you know. We didn't find any but we did find their houses and I had a big sniff of them.

We then had to go over a bridge. I wasn't too sure to begin with if I liked it or not and I was a bit glad when we got to the other side.

Come on, hurry up Puppynap.

On the other side of the bridge I saw something before Puppynap and called out to him to hurry up.

Behind the trees on the other side of the bridge I could see a little house. Puppynap said that a Wizard lived there. WOW! I wanted to go and meet him but Puppynap said he was sleeping so we mustn't disturb him. I can understand that I don't like to be woken up when I'm asleep.

There was lots of beautiful trees around the Wizards house, they were all covered in magic, magic rainbow trees.

I went to have a look at the leaves to see if they were any different from the one's that I've seen before but they looked the same, but on the trees they look so different.

We'd been walking for ages and ages, I think about a hundred miles so when we saw a sign I went to see where we was.

It was a bit of luck because I met another doggie who was about the size of a horse and we gave each other a little kiss and then I told him where we were so he wouldn't get lost. I was sad when we had to leave him, I liked my new friend.

Then all of a sudden Puppynap said we had walked all the way around the Swan Lake and I could see the car. I had a lovely time but was a bit glad as I was feeling very tired and really needed to have a bit of a sleep. I love it here I hope we come again soon.