Wednesday 27 November 2013

Learning All On My Own

Daddy and Puppnap are very proud of me, they told me so.

It's getting Winter time and every time I go out I have to put my coat on to keep me warm and when he picks up my coat I know we're going out and I get very excited. Sometimes I even jump around in circles which makes them laugh and clap there hands.

Puppynap does it a special way and I've been learning what to do.

First of all he says turn around but I don't really know what that means. Then he picks me up so that I'm facing away from him and then he says, this one, and taps my left lag and I life it up. Then he says this one and taps my right leg but I don't always lift that one up because I'm ready to go. When he's done that he usually picks me up and turns me all the way over and does my coat up but yesterday I remembered what happens then and lay down on my back all by myself and he gave me a great big cuddle and got all excited so I thought that's what I need to do.

I did it again today straight away as soon as my right leg was in and he got all excited again and told Daddy when we picked him up.

They said I'm learning all on my own and soon I'll be getting an extra special treat. Ooh I can't wait, what's it going to be?