Saturday 30 November 2013

Annual - I Was Perfect

I was having a little look out the window to see if Tiny wanted to come over to play when Daddy called me. He said we were going to go out and if I was a good, brave girl I was going to get a present.

BRILLIANT. We've gone to my supermarket. Now what is it I want?

Oh no we're at the Doctors. I don't mind the Doctors but each time I go I get prodded. There was another little doggie waiting to go in but Daddy and Puppynap wouldn't let me go and play.

So I winged. Erghhhhh.

First of all I got weighed and Daddy said he was very pleased. I was 7 kilos, 0.1 less than last time we went a couple of weeks ago. Puppynap said that although I was a good weight he didn't want me to get too big and was glad I lost a little bit of weight as it would mean I could get extra treats over Christmas. I wondered why he was only giving me half a treat each time I got one.

We then went in to see the Doctor and he checked my teeth and then he stuck something up my bum and then gave me an injection. Daddy said I was getting my annual but I'm confused because Puppynap said he used to get an annual every Christmas when he was a little boy but he said he read his one's.

The Doctor was very pleased with me and said I was perfect. I already knew that!

When then went shopping. I love going shopping here there's so many smells and foods and toys and other doggies to play with.

I was allowed three things and when we came home Daddy gave me a green thing he said was called Rawhide. It was lovely AND it turns your paws green to!