Friday 29 November 2013


Daddy and Puppynap said today is a special day for me, they said that today I was going to get anything I wanted and Puppynap pulled me up on the bed early and said that Daddy was home today to spend the whole day with me.


When Daddy woke up he gave me a great big cuddle and said that today it's my second birthday, it's been 365 days, a whole year since I came to live here and that they loved me very very much.

I love them very much too.

When Daddy brought me down the stairs he said I could do anything and gave me a great big treat.

When I was eating it I saw Tiny watching his Daddy clean his car and we said hello to each other. I want to help my Daddy wash the car and I think I will this weekend.

When Puppynap came down the stairs Daddy said come on River we're going to get you an extra special treat. Oooh.

Come on hurry up Daddy and don't forget me!

I'll lead the way.

When we got to the top of the road Daddy said look there's Father Christmas, he's coming to see you soon.

YIPPEE Father Christmas is coming. This is a brilliant day.

Has he left me a present here?

No nothing there!

Is my surprise over there?

No it wasn't but it might be here!

No nothing there.

Ah it's in there, Daddy has gone inside to get it and he said I'm going to have an experience I've never had before. Oooh!