Friday, 15 November 2013

My Favourite Place

Today I discovered a brilliant new place to sit when I'm up in Puppynaps office. I usually sit on the chair next to him on my duvet but today I slipped off and couldn't get back up again and Puppynap was on the phone so couldn't pick me up. I thought I'd have a little wander around to see if Lil' wanted to play but the door was shut but when I got near the door I felt it was all lovely and warm under the floor and when I laid down on it it was all warm on my tummy so I had a little sleep there. I think it's my favourite place upstairs.

When I'm downstairs my favourite place to have a little rest is in my chair in the window. I can have a rest AND see everything that's going on outside and all the way up the room so I don't miss a thing.

But when Daddy or Puppynap is in the kitchen it's on my seat out there I can see what they are cooking AND smell it. Yum chicken for tea tonight!