Thursday, 2 June 2016

That's When I Made My Break For It

I woke up and couldn't find Puppynap. 

I eventually found him in the back garden, doing things.

I jumped up his leg to take a closer look at what was in his hand.

A plant!

He must have been just about to come in and get me to help him, he always needs my help in the garden.

Putting it there are you?

I thought it was then time to play but he started planting another one then I had an idea.

When I saw the garage door was open I went in to investigate.

I'm not allowed in the garage, although David is.

Um interesting...

But not as interesting at the open garage door. That's when I made my break for it.

And that's when Puppynap appeared out of nowhere at the front of the garage scooped me up in his arms and closed the garage door.