Saturday, 11 June 2016

That's When I Entered The Magic Tunnel - Come On Then Let's Go

I've had the best day. All of a sudden Daddy and Puppynap grabbed me up and said we were going to out to see some friends and a little friend for me who has just started walking.

Come on then, let's go!

Through the tunnel. I've been through this tunnel before, we are going under a great big River. Wow!

A little bit later we were there. I had a sleep so it seemed a really little bit. I remember where we are I've been here before, I smell and I remember!

But this time the garden has been transformed into a great big adventure playground for everyone to enjoy.

I then smelt a cat was asleep in the end of the garden house and went in there to have a look but got distracted by the food waiting for me just inside. Puppynap came and got me out pretty quick.

But now I was hungry and could smell things on the table. My friend dropped some things on the floor and I quickly ate them up. Then...

...all of a sudden I got a whole egg to myself and some other things that were allowed as a special treat because I'm not usually allowed them. The little boy even fed me some of my own food Puppynap had brought with us. He was very clever for a little boy who can only just walk, I can remember when I was like that and that was a very long time ago.

Then he said we should play in the garden.

That's when I entered the magic tunnel.